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Success stories of our Clients

Thousands of people get benefit and lets hear what they have to say about Divinelife

Anita Agrawal

Myself Anita Agrawal I would like to drop few words regards to the joining of Divine Life style here with the course of Yoga. It’s been 3yrs joining Divine and here I feel ourselves among every members out there. Yoga is a great practice for both the body and mind. We all wish for good health And mind. By doing Yoga it makes be feel good, relax, increase the muscles strength and the most important is flexibility. So doing this I feeless to less pain in the body. I would like to thank Sheetal for making us do well and become fit n fine.


Babita Agarwal

Hi! I am Babita Agarwal. It's been 4years since i have joined DIVINE LIFESTYLE. Now yoga has be come a part of mylife, a daily routine. After doing yoga i feel energetic, my health issues has been reduced also Sheetal had taken a lot of initiative to conduct the classes even in this pandemic. She conducts the classes in a very disciplined manner and in a very friendly way and even advises us about the diet and how to resolve health issues by treating with ayurveda and homeremedies. She also conducts free consultation services by ayurvedic doctors. I am very grateful that I'm a part of divine lifestyle family


Nisha Dhanuka

Hi I am Nisha Dhanuka. I have joined Divine Lifestyle 8 months back. I use to think that yoga is not for youngsters but after joining this institute and getting a mentor like Sheetal ma'am and Mohit sir my thought has totally changed. Now I always look forward to the next session with more zeal and effort. Sheetal ma'am encourageus for each never yasaan, "not possible" is not in her dictionary. Thank you ma'am for encouraging and guiding us.


Sheetal Agarwal

Hi i'm Sheetal Agarwal doing yoga since 2years part, whenever i missed yoga for a day, i feel something missing in daily life, it's creats my body flexible n more than better before ! So thank you so much divine life Yoga. thank u so much Sheetal ma'am and Mohit sir and team. it's like a solovable group and family.


Seema Agarwal

Hi, I am Seema Agarwal. I joined Divine under the guidance of Sheetal Ma'am 4years a go and since then I am motivated to Yoga each day with extra zeal and effort. I always look forward to then extsession as it gives memental peace of mind and physical strength to go through the day. Thank you Sheetal ma'am for always guiding us so proactively even before and after the pandemic.


Payal Agrawalla

Hi, me Payal Agrawalla, I joined Divine lifestyle for since five years, it was really awesome for me to be part of this institution. Sital di makes us both mentally and physically fit through her knowledge.I feel very relaxed after joining this institution. Sital di always gudies us for letter life style with yoga and Ayurveda tips and perfect diet. we all feel like members of a single family that family is Divine lifestyle.


Priti Sahu

Hi this is Priti Sahu. I had just joined the divine not more than 2months before whenever I used to do yoga that Sheetal ma'am has told feel relax and comfortable. !feel very happy by doing it and ma'am is very supportive too. Thanku Sheetal ma'am for teaching us yoga and I am thankful to get a teacher like you


Rani Kyaland

Hi I Rani Kyaland being with Divine lifestyle since Smonths doing yoga with irregular days. As of me now I can do my shoulder movements freely and able to do stretching which was impossible for me. Thanks to sheetal ma'am for her guidance .


Savita Bhimrajka

Hi I am Savita Bhimrajka. I joined Divine Life style 3years back for yoga. I had a keen interest in yoga so i wanted to learn more about yoga. After joining and meeting Sheetal Mam i learned more about yoga. Sheetal Mam is so good a theart that she always used to encourage each and every student of her and made us feel good and comfortable. After sometime i came to know about Mohit Sir who used to teach Dancing and Zumba. The steps put by Mohit Sir looks so phenomenal that everything seems to be fun while having workout scenarios. After joining your fitness program, no wonder i have more energy, more sleep, and i feel better about myself. All of the credit goes to the thrilling journey of this fitness program in which you make steps so catchy and fun.Thankyou forturning my "cannots" into "cans"


Megha Yadav

I was suffering from spinal spondylolysis pain..consulted many doctors had lots of medicines,all was temporary.It was myluck met sheetal Bhabhi and she guided. It was really good and healing. It helped me in everyway..now I can do me work and my household work also..Thank you Divine life curing centre.
Thank you Sheetal bhabhi .


Sarita Agarwal

Hello I am Sarita Agarwal and has been with divine life style since 6 months. Sheetal is very amazing and motivates me everytime. She is very flexible and there's always a smile on her face. I am a heart patient, I have an artificial left valve and a ring on my right valve. I had my operation 2 years back. I am obese and have a great difficulty in breathing. Still she always try to make me do all the physical exercises which is important for my health. Even if I have difficulty in doing that,she is always there to show me the right way and helps me out. She gives me confidence that I can do better. She is very nice. I am very happy to attend her classes. She inspires me.


Madhu Agarwal

I am Madhu Agarwal, I have been practising yoga since a year and my body feels good and very flexible,it was good joining DivineLifeStyle.Thanku
Sheetal Mam I am very happy to attend her classes.She inspires me.


Arti Dhanuka

Myself Arti Dhanuka.I am a part of this institute "DivineLifestyle". Our "Guru" or yoga teacher Sheetal Mam is a good person. She is very supportive person, while doing yoga if we will tell that we can't do this aashan she told us u can do. She encourages us everytime. Now yoga is a part of my life. My body was little bit cured by the mam guidance. So thanks to mam and this institute.


Savita Agarwal

Hi,this is savita agarwal...I have been the member of divine for more than 2yrs. Whenever I do yoga..I feel light,energetic and my mind feels calm and relax. Sheetal maam always encourages yoga with different variations..So that members do not feel bore and can get maximum benefit from yoga. As a result we always feel excited what will maam teaches us today. Maam always encourage us to do different assan..And put maximum effort for our body to reduce weight or inches. She also asked us to do yoga at home whenever we r free or sitting idle. Though I am not a regular student of divine...I always wanted to be the part of this Institute whether it's yoga or zumba..I will try never to leave this institute which nourish my confident as well. Thanku sheetal maam and mohit sir forgiving,us such a great Institute.


Sunita Daga

Hello,myself Sunita Daga. I joined Divine life style for since 2 years. Ma'am is very amazing good yoga teacher & she is very good human person. I have found that yoga has made me more flexible & energetic. Ever since I joined Sheetal ma'am yoga center I have a great flexible & meditation improvement in me.I have a very happy to attend her classes. Now a days my body hasso flexble that I can do SIRSASANA POSE. Thanku ma'am to make us awake to yoga.


Nalini Sharma

Hey I'm Nalini Sharma and it's been 3 years since I joined DivineLifestyle. It's been a great journey till now with Sheetal di. She is amazing in her work with yoga.She's very supportive to each and everyone. Yoga has always helped me to stay fit and calm from within. I'm very thankful to Sheetal ma'am and to Divinelifestyle for this great.experience.